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Astounding New Research Supports Isaiah 40:22
31 minutes ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about new research that supports what the Bible has to say about the universe. Looks like the Bible had it right before scientists did! Check out the new evidence

Israel Protests UN Resolution
35 minutes ago  -  4 minutes long

Whenever Israel and Palestine are involved, conflict is sure to follow. A recent United Nations ruling became a point of controversy after it denounced behavior by the Israeli government against Palestinians. Find out more after

"Who Am I?" with Mike Shreve
46 minutes ago  -  13 minutes long

Did you know that there is a boldness that comes when you know the names that God calls you? Join us on this interview with Author Mike Shreve as he shares his inspiration on his new book "Who Am I?" If you are struggling with your identity, then this podcast is for you!

Three Wicked Weapons of Jezebel
58 minutes ago  -  9 minutes long

The spirit of Jezebel is a spirit of seduction, it manifests in many different ways. This spirit wants to move you away from God's heart and into all immorality. The only way you can fall victim is by being tricked. Find out how you can break every stronghold from the spirit of Jezebel and walk in freedom today!

Beware for the Hypocrites
1 hour ago  -  7 minutes long

What would happen if an ambush news reported entered your place of business, organization, or your church? Will they find an assembly of hypocrites? Listen now on how you can avoid being a hypocrite leader and what a leader's response should be if you do fake it.

There Is No Time for Stress
1 hour ago  -  10 minutes long

The Lord does not want you to stress out at work. Learn how to work in the concept of margins to help you find a place of rest and peace in this study of Isaiah 32:17.

Season Of Delay - Day 5 What If
5 hours ago  -  11 minutes long

Ready to give up on answered prayers or change in your situation. Listen to not let your season of delay make you think Jesus' answer is no. Through the story of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, learn Jesus is always right on time to take care of those He loves. (John 11:5-6, 11-15)

Who is your work for?
17 hours ago  -  4 minutes long

It's hard to put the people you work with first instead of what you have to do at work. Hear from Philippians 2:3-4 on how you can think positive thoughts and words about the people you work with. Make it all about Jesus.

Have the Right Mind At Work
19 hours ago  -  11 minutes long

Don't get to the place where you lose your mind. Renew your mind by listening to this leadership devotion on accessing God at work. You will begin to be mindful of your words, become what God wants you to be and choose to stay close with God while working with peace and within your gifts.

Who Is Your Help? - Day 4 What If
22 hours ago  -  11 minutes long

Lay your "what ifs" and "if onlys" down at the feet of Jesus today. Listen to this story of Lazarus in John 11:1-5. Learn how Jesus reads the intent of your heart when you ask him your questions and requests. Hear God is your help, His Glory will shine through your humanity.

Premarital Sex Rewires the Brain with Jeremy Wiles
22 hours ago  -  9 minutes long

Science has proved premarital sex rewires the brain. Listen how you are bonded through the touch of skin proving the scripture of two shall become one. Jeremy Wiles, executive producer and director of the Conquer series, tells the need for the church to sexual sins.

Discerning Jezebels False Honor
22 hours ago  -  8 minutes long

Jezebel's con artist offer false honor. They pretend to honor with false lips. Listen to know how these people are not aligning with you but waiting to strike against you. Hear, discern, and seek God's honor today.

"I'm Not Ashamed"'s Masey McLain
1 day ago  -  24 minutes long

Southern darling Masey (that's MACE-Y) joins Taylor and Jessilyn to talk about her upcoming role, puppies and possums.

Sadie Robertson Helps Teens Find Confidence in Christ
1 day ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about the famed Sadie Robertson and her passion to help teens discover the secret to true confidence. Find out Sadie’s secret.

Malawi Pastor Brings Salvation to Remote Village
1 day ago  -  4 minutes long

Sometimes it’s the poorest, least-assuming evangelists who are able to do the most for God’s kingdom. Discover the incredible faith of a humble African pastor.

Leading Content
1 day ago  -  7 minutes long

Are you showing content or are you being content? If your people are discontent what kind of leader are you? Listen to this leadership discussion on how the ultimate content for a leader is what you can transfer into others.

More & More
1 day ago  -  7 minutes long

Excel more and more at work. Listen to this devotion on 1 Thessalonians 4:1-2, 11. Hear how when think you have things under control get prepared for God to change up your life and work. Invite big change today.

Don't Let Jezebel Butter You Up and Shake You Down
1 day ago  -  9 minutes long

Jezebel wants to rob your inheritance whether it's spiritual or physical. Listen to how you can thwart Jezebel's plans with 10 ways on recognizing con artist working in within this spirit.

Filled With Justice - Day 3 What if
1 day ago  -  12 minutes long

When you are filled with the Spirit of the Lord, you can bring righteousness to the situation you are in. Listen to this story on Miach to understand how you are filled with the power making decision of Christ, courage, and know what faith in God can do.

Venezuela’s New Disgusting Trial: Cannibalism in Prison
2 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a horrific story. It’s about cannibalism in Venezuelan prison, and how the government is seemingly doing nothing to stop it. Stay tuned to find out how Venezuela needs you to intercede.

What is the battle of Mosul?
2 days ago  -  8 minutes long

After years of ISIS terrorism, a fierce battle has broken out between ISIS, the Iraqi government, local militias, and international governments. The winner of this battle may well shape the future of the Middle East. Learn all about the Battle of Mosul—and what’s at stake.

Don't Limit God with Andrew Wommack
2 days ago  -  8 minutes long

Imagination is key in not limiting God in your life. Listen as Andrew Wommack shares how we limit God with our small thinking and teaches you how to picture with your heart what you can't see with your eyes.

Filled With the Spirit - Day Two What If
2 days ago  -  12 minutes long

Stop selling yourself short because you have been given the Spirit of God. Hear how when the Spirit of God is breathed in you it must come out. Listen to this story on Micah to understand the nature of God and learn how you can encourage and comfort others with the Spirit of the God.

An Important Election Warning
2 days ago  -  8 minutes long

This is a call to intercessors for this 2016 Presidential Election. Listen now to hear why it is vital to pray leading up the election, wage warfare, and get out and vote. Begin praying in the Spirit to put God's men and women in office at every level of government.

The Silent Treatment
2 days ago  -  7 minutes long

Do you use the silent treatment as a response to people? Find out the downside to using the silent treatment and that it is not as golden as you think.

Do you battle over nothing at work?
2 days ago  -  6 minutes long

How do you respond to sharp disagreements at work? Hear how you can bring unity to work instead of doing battle over nothing. You will learn from the story of Paul and Barnabas found in Acts 15:36 about their battle leading to separation.

Taylor's Movie Review of Hacksaw Ridge
2 days ago  -  20 minutes long

On today's episode Taylor shares his review on Hacksaw Ridge and he is pretty excited about it. Find out how many Jesus fish this movie received.

Court Forces Christian Nursing Home to Allow Assisted Suicide
2 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about a Salvation Army nursing home in Switzerland that’s now being forced to allow assisted suicide. Find out what the nursing home is doing in response.

Christian Athlete’s Daughter Shot to Death
2 days ago  -  4 minutes long

Parents should never have to bury their children, but unfortunately it’s a reality in our sin-stained world. One Christian athlete is dealing with the loss of his daughter after a horrible shooting. Find out more.

Delivered From Satanism with Heath Adamson
3 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Deep in the occult and witchcraft at a young age, Heath Adamson tells his story of freedom from Satanism. Hear to learn what the most relevant form of Christianity, which made an impact in Heath's life to change, was a fellow classmate living out her life for Christ. If you are a parent who needs encouragement about your child, you will not want to miss this testimony and to not discount the power of prayer.

Boko Haram has Freed 21 of More Than 200 Girls It Kidnapped
5 days ago  -  4 minutes long

Around 270 girls were kidnapped in April 2014 from their school in Chibok. Hear how 21 of them was recently released by this radical Islamic group.

Mysterious Vandal Spray Painted Doors of Two Texas Churches
5 days ago  -  4 minutes long

How would you react if your church door was spray painted with pro-Islam propaganda? Find out what two San Antonio, Texas, churches did when this happened to their church doors.

Hungry for God? Draw Near With Worship
5 days ago  -  18 minutes long

Stay hungry for God by listening to this prayer call devotion on drawing closer to the presence of God. Hear and join in this worship and prayer.

Episode 40: Presidential Debate's
5 days ago  -  25 minutes long

What is better cubed ice or crushed? Listen to the preachers debate and share their thoughts on this coming election.

A New Way of Facing Challenges - Day 1 What If
5 days ago  -  12 minutes long

What if your life was different? Listen to this new Bible study to teach you how to address all your "What Ifs" the way Jesus wants you to see them. Challenge yourself today and look at your life in a new way by imagining with God "What If."

Cell Phone Evangelism with Daniah Greenberg
5 days ago  -  12 minutes long

What if your story was a recorded on your phone? How many lives would you be able to change? Listen to this episode to find out how leaders can share their story with others as simply as using your phone. Hear the three parts to Cell Phone Evangelism with Daniah Greenberg the president and CEO of Messianic Jewish Family Bible Society. Connect with people today with an audio before and after of your testimony.

Teen Challenge with Jerry Nance
5 days ago  -  16 minutes long

Jerry Nance has served as the President and CEO of Global Teen Challenge since 2007. Did you know that there are 1.3 million drug abusers in Florida? Find out how you can help this ministry and be inspired by the strongholds that are being broken.

Drumming with Jason Jamison
5 days ago  -  22 minutes long

Love music? Get excited to hear the stories behind the songs on the new album Followers from Tenth Avenue North. Drummer Jason Jamison joins Taylor to not only to share about the album but plays Taylor's 20 questions. You will want to get your copy of Followers today.

Thin Yourself Happy - Day 27 Living Life Bigger Than Life
6 days ago  -  14 minutes long

You are what you think. Listen to the book of Acts and the story of Paul on how to learn to think toward happiness. Come away knowing what your thoughts are today will become your reality.

‘Tired, Broken’ Ex-Pastor Finds New Job
6 days ago  -  4 minutes long

Recently we brought you the story of a megachurch pastor who got burnt out and resigned from his pastoral position. Thankfully, we can report a happy ending to his story today. Find out who it is by listening now.

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