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Achan's Sin
4 days ago  -  10 minutes long

All of Israel was grieving because of one person's sin who was out of alignment. Hear how running with the wrong people in battle will give you scars. Listen and learn from the story of Achan and to root out what is hodling you back.

One World Religion Rising
4 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Shockingly, You are the new "I Am." Hear more as Chuck talks about the religion of tomorrow and the insights of a new truth developing. Where will it lead us? Listen now to find out.

4 days ago  -  55 minutes long

What would the world be like without Christianity? Listen as Jeremiah Johnston joins our host Chuck Crismier discuss this question and talk about Jeremiah's book "Unimaginable."

Avoid Snares at Work.
4 days ago  -  3 minutes long

How many of us go to work fearing a boss or a coworker? Be free of the fear of man by listening to this Proverb devotion. Hear how to focus on working to please and serve the Lord at work instead of focusing on the flesh.

Christian Music Festival Founder Arrested
4 days ago  -  3 minutes long

The founder of the country’s largest Christian music festival has been arrested and indefinitely suspended from ministry after a recent scandal broke out. Find out what happened.

Study Finds Most ‘Evangelicals’ Are Not Actually Evangelical
4 days ago  -  4 minutes long

One in four Americans say that they are evangelical Christians. Yet less than half of them actually strongly believe in core evangelical beliefs, according to LifeWay Research. Find out what this study found by listening now.

Exploring the Prophetic With Guillermo Maldonado: Activating Faith (Ep. 4)
4 days ago  -  21 minutes long

In this episode, Shawn Bolz interviews Guillermo Maldonado. Guillermo Maldonado is the co-founder and senior pastor of King Jesus international ministries. Shawn and Guillermo talk about the heart behind ministry and how the prophetic makes a difference in our lives.

What Does Mary Teach Us About Stepping Out In Faith? (Ep. 30)
7 days ago  -  23 minutes long

When Mary found out she was going to birth the Messiah it was not in the same manner as women today find out they are pregnant. Listen as our hosts discuss the story Mary and how she represents the courage to believe a messenger of God and step out in faith to fulfill His plans for her life.

Giving Thanks Unto the Lord with Shirley Caesar (Ep. 39)
7 days ago  -  17 minutes long

Shirley Caesar returns to the show to share how we should celebrate giving thanks to the Lord every day. Everything we have the Lord has given us. so why note praise Him for it. You will be encouraged to be grateful during the holiday seasons instead of having pity parties for being alone or not getting all you want.

Let There Be Joy - Day 11
7 days ago  -  13 minutes long

Be challenged to leap for joy and seek His presence in this season of Christmas. Hear this story of how the joyful news of Jesus reached the womb of a baby, John the Baptist.

Exposing Spiritual Abuse in Church Leadership! Break free!
7 days ago  -  33 minutes long

Where do you see spiritual abuse the most? Is in church leadership. Jennifer shares from personal experience what is spiritual abuse and how you can break free from it.

Faith - In Science or God? (Ep. 9)
7 days ago  -  7 minutes long

Mankind and science do not want to deal with God because He defies explanation in human terms. Science defers the problem of God to philosophers and religious folk whom it actually seems to disdain. But God is the only constant and absolute in the universe. In his book, Ideolatry, Dr. Rich Masek explores relativity and absolutes in a way that may give you a different perspective.

President Trump Moves U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
7 days ago  -  4 minutes long

In an unprecedented move, President Donald Trump recently announced plans to move the United States Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Find out why this is such a big deal—and what the foreign policy implications are.

NFL Star Stays on Field to Pray for Opponent After Tough Loss
7 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about how NFL star Andy Dalton stayed on the field after a game to pray for an injured opponent. Hear more about this heartwarming story right after this break.

Light in Christ Glorified, Part 2
8 days ago  -  17 minutes long

Live, love and walk in the light of life in Elohim. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” Listen as Hila J. Esters explains that living in and releasing the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ changes lives.

Are You Protecting Your Life?
8 days ago  -  59 minutes long

We live in a self-serving world and it is easy to become "unthankful." Pastor David Lankford says there is one sure way to avoid that disheartening state of mind.

Vance Patterson
8 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Vance Patterson says he was the poster child for the vision of Young Life ministries--a "lost, wild and deeply skeptical" teen. Listen to how God turned his life around and how he's now working with youth to do the same for them.

Jerusalem - History and Prophecy Converge
8 days ago  -  55 minutes long

For American foreign policy purposes, Jerusalem has been declared as the official capital of Israel and the U.S. Embassy will be moved to that city. But the battle is not finished, host Chuck Chrismier says.

It's Not a Start Over (Ep. 38)
8 days ago  -  6 minutes long

The Lord has already predesinged your purpose and is not surprised by your decisions. To say "start orver" is carnal and not from God. Listen how it's about continuing to move forward in your process with God instead of starting over.

Prophetic Word for December 2017
8 days ago  -  17 minutes long

Listen how the Lord wants you to walk into new opportunites next year. Open to fresh eyes and to let go of issues in your mind, heart and homes. Chose this day to reconcile and resolve. Let go of the baggage of the past and press on.

Tam Talks: 10 Steps to Take When Under Spiritual Attack Part 2
8 days ago  -  14 minutes long

You have power over the enemy to be victorious. Continue growing stronger to battle spiritual attacks by learning these last five steps. Learn to:

6. Fill your mind with Truth

7. Memorize Scripture

8. This is just a season

9. Don’t give enemy space in your head or behavior

10. Get enough rest and exercise

Let There Be Joy - Day 10
8 days ago  -  13 minutes long

Focus on the memory of Christmas that matters most, the story of Jesus. Listen as Carol tells the story from Matt. 1:18-25 and Luke 1:26-28. Through Joseph's and Mary's stories you hear how God's favor on them led to a bigger calling than they could've imagined. Afterwards, you hear will be reignited to open your heart to let the passion of Christ in.

Let There Be Joy - Day 10
8 days ago  -  13 minutes long

Joseph was an ordinary boy who loved an ordinary girl, but God did not have ordinary plans for these two. Listen how their story was not about the story of Jesus, it was about revealing the character and heart of God. Then find out how there are people who need you to reveal Christ to them.

The Culture War with Hanne Herland
8 days ago  -  24 minutes long

How is the changing culture in America impacting the world? Listen as Hanne Herland, bestselling Scandinavian author and commentator in leading Scandinavian newspapers, discusses faith, culture and the politics of the west. She shares what inspired her to write about the downfall of the West in her new book "The Culture Wars."

Cross Stands Firm as Flames Destroy Surroundings
8 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This is a miraculous story of a raging fire that destroyed almost everything in its path—that is, except a giant wooden cross. Locals are astounded! Tune in to hear more.

Asking Why Brings On Doubt
8 days ago  -  17 minutes long

Approach each day God's word with wonder as if you don't know anything. Listen to this lesson on Doubting Thomas from John 20:24 on why we are constantly asking why. Hear how it leads to doubt and can cross over into unbelief.

Mount Transfiguration, Two Witnesses Part 5
8 days ago  -  59 minutes long

Pastor Lankford dissects the events of the transfiguration of Jesus Christ, along with Moses and Elijah, who appeared with Him in the cloud of glory. Pastor Lankford also ties in together the two witnesses found in Revelation 11.

Don't Make the Kitchen Hotter (Ep. 32)
9 days ago  -  6 minutes long

Entitled leaders are weak leaders. Listen why and that love-driven leaders do not use entitlement or fear to get their ways. Learn how all the talent or competency in the world does not make you a good leader, instead ask, "What's their character?"

Country at Risk
9 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Our government is in serious trouble. The problem is, we're supposed to be the government (we the people). Host Chuck Chrismier takes a look at the foundations of American law and government, and how much it has strayed from its original purpose.

Suicide Prevention Part 2
9 days ago  -  24 minutes long

Self-violence is without prejudice and affects people from every race, ethnicity, economic status and gender. Movies stars, actors, singers, blue/white collar workers have all fallen victim. No one is immune, including those sitting in the church pews each week. It is more important than ever to understand and recognize the warning signs of a person who is in potential danger and find ways to minister to them before it is too late. We discuss and provide the warning signs and action steps.

The House of Spirits
9 days ago  -  1 minutes long

Move all the more away from the darkness you left. And pray all the more for the civilization in which you dwell.

Tam Talks: 10 Steps to Take When Under Spiritual Attack Part 1
9 days ago  -  15 minutes long

Women are under spiritual attack as never before. Listen as Tammy shares the first five steps to take when the enemy wants to take you out. Learn to:

  1. Remember who your enemy is and who he is not
  2. Prayer Walk
  3. Fast
  4. Get council from reliable source
  5. Read the Word of God
There Is More for You (Ep. 37)
9 days ago  -  7 minutes long

Not everyone is on your side and the enemy is sending spies that are not on your team. Listen how it does not matter if these people don't cheer for you, God says there is more for you than against you. Continue to win the race knowing God is on your side.

Bill Hamon Shares What God Showed Him on the Trump Victory - Hamon Part 3
9 days ago  -  10 minutes long

Bill Hamon shares what God shared with him during the 2016 presidential election and what lead to the Trump victory. Hear how God does not ask us to decide who He raises up to lead. Hamon encourages to not focus on the Tweets but focus on the policies President Trump is making.

When Prophets Gather - Hamon Part 2
9 days ago  -  16 minutes long

Bill Hamon continues to share his experiences in prophecy. Hear how in 1999 he and Cindy Jacobs started a gathering of prophets to discuss what the Lord is revealing. He tells how the group discerns what should be shared publically, accountability of public words and track what has been fulfilled.

Murmuring and Complaining
9 days ago  -  13 minutes long

Stop and think about what if the things and people you complain about when away? Hear this work devotion on Hebrews 10 on how to love to love through your stuggles at work and the people you work with.

Let There Be Joy - Day 9
9 days ago  -  13 minutes long

This Christmas don't let disappointments get you down. Mary and Joseph's love was divinely interrupted with challenges. Listen as Carol shares their story and what they may have pondered at the time when Mary announced she was pregnant with Jesus. Imagine what could've happened by Jewish laws, disappointments faced, and challenges.

Press On
9 days ago  -  11 minutes long

To press into your future is to learn how to press through an attack of the enemy. Listen as Jennifer exposes the attacks of the enemy to help you break word curses spoken over you, at you, even spoken behind your back.

Perry Noble Launches Church Month After Divorce Announcement
9 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This is a story about ousted pastor Perry Noble, who just launched a new church over the weekend. This launch comes only a month after he announced his divorce. Tune in to hear more.

No Prodigal Plan (Ep. 31)
9 days ago  -  7 minutes long

A prodigal plan is wasteful but a plan where God leads will be blessed. Listen how the plans we make are carnal when we don't undestand what the plan of the Lord is. When you pray, seek His guidence and leadership your plans will be blessed.

Research Discovers Surprising Evangelical Trend
9 days ago  -  4 minutes long

There’s a shift coming in the church. A new study from LifeWay Research found that increasing numbers of young evangelicals are moving away from a widely-accepted belief among past evangelical generations. Find out what that is now.

Beating the Odds with Faith
10 days ago  -  20 minutes long

Dr. Tim Orr went from wanting to end his life to becoming a Christian, a husband, and a father. Despite living his "American Dream" tragedy struck leaving him a widow and a single father to his special needs daughter, Faith. In his upcoming book, "Letters To My Daughter" Dr. Tim invites readers on an incredible journey of how God helped them overcome an incredible tragedy and turned it into something beautiful.

Just Do It
10 days ago  -  55 minutes long

There is a much bigger fish in the pond than some of the issues we face in America. Will it be considered an act of war if the U.S. moves its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

Bill Hamon Says, "2018 Will Be a Pivotal Year" - Hamon Part One
10 days ago  -  20 minutes long

Bill Hamon is known as the father of the modern-day prophetic movement. Listen as he shares with our host Steve Strang what the Lord has shown him for 2018.

When Python Attacks, Break Free!
10 days ago  -  37 minutes long

Hold on to hope through every bad day and good day. Listen to this prayer starter devtion on how God is stirring hope in your heart. Then hear what Jennifer has to say on breaking free when the python spirit attacks.

Let There Be Joy - Day 8
10 days ago  -  13 minutes long

The song "I'll Be Home for Christmas" stirs the heart. Hear how you can come home for Christmas. This story from WWII about a doctor and his family may not be the idea of home for Christmas, but it will offer you peace and love. Find a place of joy today.

The Leadership Fishbowl (Ep. 30)
10 days ago  -  6 minutes long

Every move you make as a leader is being watched, as fish are transparent in a fishbowl. Listen to this teaching on how not to be intimidated by people watching you but be a leader who sheds the light of integrity and is transparent.

Christian Music Artist Hannah Kerr Brings Joy With New Christmas Album
10 days ago  -  17 minutes long

Black River Christian Recording Artist, Hannah Kerr, shares about her new Christmas album "Emmanuel." She reveals how worship is a way for her to grow in her relationship with God and trusting Him as the author of her story. Enjoy as you hear what influenced her new Christmas album.

The Influence of Love Within a Relationship with John Bevere
10 days ago  -  16 minutes long

If you are in a relationship, ask God to teach you how to love. Listen to this interview with host Tammy and guest John Bevere to hear how the love of a husband reflects the love of Christ.

How This Megachurch Is Impacting a Gang-Infested Community
10 days ago  -  4 minutes long

Being a light for Jesus in a city ridden with violence and crime is no easy thing to do. But this church has a very specific goal.

The Capernaum Mystery
11 days ago  -  1 minutes long

Come to Kaphar Nachum today. Repent of anything not in His will. Then dwell in the comfort of His presence where your miracle awaits.

Sex and Seduction
11 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Sex scandals rocked the church in the 1980s, leaving many to point fingers and scoff. Now that it has made its way into the mainstream culture, how are we to handle it? Host Chuck Chrismier discusses this heartbreaking trend.

Helping Children Find Christ In Christmas (Ep. 29)
11 days ago  -  20 minutes long

Traditions are popular at Christmas time. One popular activity and story is Elf on the Shelf. What if you don't want this as the focus of your Christmas? Listen to this episode where we feature an interview with Josh and Lindsey Helms, the authors, and creators of The Shepherd on the Search. Hear how they are helping children and families find Christ in Christmas.

Prayed Curses (Ep. 36)
11 days ago  -  8 minutes long

How do demonic forces move through wishes and hope? Hear now to cast down these prayed curses, negative words, to move forward in your life. Listen to speak life in your life today.

What Is the Lord Saying for 2018?
11 days ago  -  18 minutes long

Cindy Jacobs shares from a recent prophetic conference what the Lord is revealing for 2018. Hear how we are entering radical changes where the knowledge of God's Glory is seen in a way it has never been before. Learn what you need to be praying against and to be ready for God's great power.

Israel, Trump Rally Against Anti-Settlements ‘Blacklist’
11 days ago  -  7 minutes long

Israel and the Trump administration are united in trying to fight against the release of a United Nations blacklist, one which could negatively impact the Israeli economy. But the full story behind this list presents a much more complicated story and explains the root disagreement between Israel and the United Nations. Find out more by listening now.

Walking on Waters (Ep. 29)
11 days ago  -  17 minutes long

To be a love-driven leader you have to build an intimate relationship with Jesus. Listen as author Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D. talks about how she has grown in her faith leading to her new book Walking on Water. After hearing her story, you will be encouraged to move forward in the Lord, purify your desires, and be courageous even in hardships.

Let There Be Joy - day 7
11 days ago  -  13 minutes long

If you are going through a difficult season during Christmas and wanting to run away? Don't cease to exist, someone is looking for you. Listen to this story about two siblings, joined by the heart through adoption. Be encouraged to know God has not given up on you.

Special Announcement from Dr. Steve Greene (M10)
11 days ago  -  3 minutes long

Looking for leadership content and how to be love-driven? Listen as host Dr. Steve Greene shares about his new Love Leads podcast and to contact him about marketing information you want to hear on Greenelines. Give feedback by emailing

Doctor Shot to Death After Singing ‘Amazing Grace’
11 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a sad story about a doctor who was kidnapped and then shot to death right after singing “Amazing Grace.” Hear more of this brave optician’s inspiring story.

No Prodigal Plans
11 days ago  -  8 minutes long

God wants you to succeed at work. Hear how to lean on God for providential assistance instead of leaning on your own ideas or prodigal plans. After listening to this teaching on Ecclisaties 11: 2, 5-6, continue to pray and pray again for His plans to succeed.

Exploring the Prophetic with Sean Smith: Prophetic Encounters (Ep. 3)
11 days ago  -  22 minutes long

In this episode, Shawn Bolz interviews Sean Smith. Sean Smith is the founder and president of Sean Smith ministries based out of northern California with purpose to equip and empower Gods people. Sean Smith shares how he became a sign to a Tarot Card reader and how we are called to evangelize through prophetic encounters.

When is the Rapture?
12 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Are you prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? Are you prepared for the Rapture? Host Chuck Chrismier and author Nelson Walters discuss some very poignant questions about each. You won't want to miss this.

Grammy Nominee Shares His Testimony
14 days ago  -  3 minutes long

Earlier this week, the official nominees for the 2018 Grammy Awards were revealed. Christian artists like Casting Crowns, MercyMe, Tauren Wells and Natalie Grant were among those honored. But one nominee, Zach Williams—best known for his song “Chain Breaker”—took the opportunity to open up.

Making a Difference in the Culture
14 days ago  -  15 minutes long

Pastor Banning Liebscher and his wife, Seajay, are making a difference in the culture. Listen to Tammy's heartfelt interview with Pastor Liebscher and what he and Seajay are doing at Jesus Culture church in Sacramento, California.

A Biblical Alternative to Elf on the Shelf
14 days ago  -  15 minutes long

Elf on the Shelf may have been all the rage the past few years, but if you're a follower of Jesus, you'll want to get your kids involved with the Shepherd on the Search. Josh and Lindsey Helms discuss how and why they created this new Christmas activity, one that keeps Jesus and the story of the first Christmas at the center of your home.

An Interview With Ezra International's Mel Hoelzle
14 days ago  -  17 minutes long

The process for many Jews to make Aliyah is a costly one, both financially and emotionally. Ezra International is helping to ease the burden. Steve Strang talks to the organization's founder and president, Mel Hoelzle, about its wonderful efforts.

Light in Christ Glorified, Part 1
15 days ago  -  16 minutes long

Live, love and walk in the light of life in Elohim. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” Hila J. Esters teaches us how to walk as children of light in the Lord.

Year of the Bible - 1983
15 days ago  -  55 minutes long

When Congress declared 1983 the Year of the Bible, little did members know what apostasy was in store for America. Twenty-five years later, the Museum of the Bible has opened with the renewed hope that people will turn back to God's Word.

Let There Be Joy - Day 6
15 days ago  -  13 minutes long

Christmas is not about having an opportunity to celebrate a holiday, it's about talking about the defiant joy of the meaning of Christmas. Hear this teaching on Luke 1:30-34, continuing the story of Mary.

Bless Israel Event Helps Jews Make Aliyah to Israel
15 days ago  -  14 minutes long

When you bless Israel you will be blessed. Listen to how the Bless Israel Summit event held in the Orlando, Florida area, helped raise awareness and money to bless Jewish people make Aliyah to Israel. Pastor Blake Lorenz of Encounter Church shares the impact of this event and how God placed it in his heart to help.

Deciding What Truth Is (Ep. 8)
15 days ago  -  7 minutes long

Somewhere, someone is always trying to convince us of something. Rhetoric about Truth surrounds us in almost every aspect of life. Some seek to redefine Truth in a relative manner based on the situation. While this may seem appropriate to some, there is a higher order of Absolute Truth at work in the universe.

A Mantle of Leadership
15 days ago  -  5 minutes long

Develop a reputation for influence at when you follow the leadership of Jesus and keep doing what He has you to do. Listen to this devotion on John 11:47.

698 Earthquakes Rattle California in Last 30 Days
15 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This is a story about the alarming number of earthquakes that have hit California in the last 30 days—almost 700! Some are saying this is a dangerous sign of the times. Hear more.

Suicide Prevention Part 1
15 days ago  -  16 minutes long

Self-violence is without prejudice and affects people from every race, ethnicity, economic status and gender. Movies stars, actors, singers, blue/white collar workers have all fallen victim. No one is immune, including those sitting in the church pews each week. It is more important than ever to understand and recognize the warning signs of a person who is in potential danger and find ways to minister to them before it is too late. We discuss and provide the warning signs and action steps.

The Power of the Yud
16 days ago  -  1 minutes long

today, take the smallest of actions, but in a new direction, the first step toward the life of victory you're called to live--the yud of a new journey.

What Happened When Jesus Brought an Ex-Muslim a Blanket in Prison
16 days ago  -  5 minutes long

This is a supernatural story about how Jesus brought an ex-Muslim a blanket in prison. What happened next will amaze you. Hear this story now.

Influence in the Prophetic with Shawn Bolz
16 days ago  -  21 minutes long

How do you know the voice the of the Holy Spirit of God? Listen as Tammy Hotsenpiller speaks with Shawn Bolz on the voice of the Holy Spirit and understanding the heart of the father. You will want to start walking supernaturally with God as a woman of influence.

Raising Men, Not Boys
16 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Shepherding sons to be men of God begins with fathers. Listen as the author of "Raising Men, Not Boys," Mike Fabarez joins the show to discuss beyond the mechanics of raising boys.

Let There Be Joy - Day 5
16 days ago  -  13 minutes long

What are you waiting and praying for this Christmas? Be encouraged to persevere by listening to this Christmas story of prayers of a prodigal to come home.

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