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Bold Holy Ghost Confrontation and Prayer for Supernatural Debt Cancellation
8 days ago  -  40 minutes long

Sometimes you need to confront the things that are confronting you. Get in on this powerful prophetic prayer session for debt cancellation.

A Question Of Faith with Ty Manns (Ep. 91)
8 days ago  -  18 minutes long

Looking for faith based films to watch with your family? Listen as Gina interviews Ty Manns, film writer and producer, about his movie "A Question Of Faith." Manns shares about his passion and encourages you to follow your dreams today.

Live and Move by the Spirit of God (Ep. 90)
11 days ago  -  4 minutes long

Do not depend on your own resources, skills, and knowledge. It can turn into an idol. Listen to this devotion from Acts 17:28 to learn how we move and live by the Spirit.

Reject the Slow Killer Called Stress
11 days ago  -  33 minutes long

God offers us peace that passes all understanding, but the enemy tries to steal, kill and destroy our lives with stress. Listen in to this powerful prophetic prayer and teaching to shake the stress off. Take your life back.

Muslim Mob Attacks Innocent Christians Worshipping at Church
11 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about armed Muslims who attacked a group of Christians worshipping at church. Scores of men, women, and even children were injured in the attack. Learn how you can be interceding.

Blessed to be a Blessing, Open Portal, Part 1
11 days ago  -  17 minutes long

Jesus is an open portal in God, now! He is the true Light. Hila J. Esters teaches us that in Him, we are to learn how to allow God to manifest His purpose in and through us.

Will This Coin Send a Message?
11 days ago  -  55 minutes long

In honor of the official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, a commemorative coin has been issued. Host Chuck Chrismier discusses the coin and why it has prophetic significance.

A Biblical Worldview of Finance with Bob Barber (Ep. M25)
12 days ago  -  25 minutes long

What is your spiritual knowledge of financial planning? Bob Barber, the founder of CIS Wealth Management Group, helps Christians to view finances and investments from a biblical perspective. Listen to find out your responsibilities and to start investing in companies with biblical principles.

Tam Talks with Shawn Bolz: More and More
12 days ago  -  17 minutes long

What is God doing in this year of increase? When you steward the more, more will come. Tammy chats with Shawn on what it means to give, receive and how to shift to believe in a God of more.

Atheism Rates Double Among Generation Z
12 days ago  -  4 minutes long

Millennials may have just arrived in the workplace, but there's a new generation on the rise: Generation Z. A new study found that Generation Z could have massive impacts on the way Americans worship. Find out why by listening now.

Loving to Fight or Fighting to Love?
12 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Just as much as God wants to battle for your marriage, the enemy wants to tear it apart. Host Chuck Chrismier explores why one-third of all marriages in this country fail, and what we can do to drastically reduce that number.

Establish a Relationship with New Comers (Ep. 54)
12 days ago  -  31 minutes long

The first seven minutes of a visitor's experience is crucial. According to Dr. Nelson Searcy these minutes begin the process of turning a first-time guest into a fully engaged member of your church.

Listen in as Dr. Searcy chats with Dr. Greene about the importance of building relationships from Dr. Searcy's book Fusion. Gain knowledge of biblical hospitality through scripture, how to apply it to your organization, and the impact of a handwritten note by a leader.

No Condemnation and Why Part 4
12 days ago  -  59 minutes long

In the fourth part of this series, Pastor Lankford shares how there is no condemnation or guilt in the life of a believer by what Jesus did on the cross.

Exploring the Prophetic with Rick Joyner Part 2 (Ep. 26)
12 days ago  -  23 minutes long

In this episode, Shawn Bolz interviews Rick Joyner who is a best selling author and the leader of MorningStar Ministries. Rick is working on a new book called "A Prophetic History". This is a follow up interview with Rick and is so insightful! Join Shawn and Rick as they speak about how the prophetic has shaped history throughout the years.

Felt Pain (Ep. M24)
12 days ago  -  4 minutes long

Help others seek pain relief with your marketing.It's best to relieve a felt pain than mee a felt need. Listen to this marketing tip on finding out if your product or service resolves a pain.

Meghan Markle to Be Baptized in Church of England Before Marrying Prince Harry
13 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This is a story about Prince Harry's fiancée, Meghan Markle, and how she's choosing to be baptized in the Church of England. Sources say she's doing it to honor her future grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth. Listen to learn the details.

Pray for Our Children Part 2 (Ep. 89)
13 days ago  -  11 minutes long

There is more than violence infiltrating our schools. Listen to Gina talk about the distractions the children face and what the enemy is doing to infiltrate. Hear how you can pray.

How Powerful Is Your Faith?
13 days ago  -  14 minutes long

What can you learn about faith from a child? Listen to the story of how God rewarded the faith of a child. You will want the power of faith. Hear more with this faith study of the talents.

Dealing with Jezebel's Flattering Lips
13 days ago  -  32 minutes long

Jezebel can't seduce you until she can first flatter you. Get in on this prophetic and warfare intercession and strong teaching.

Mechanics of Evangelism (Ep. 21)
13 days ago  -  22 minutes long

"I go to church, I love the Lord, but the fire never seems to stay." I've heard that statement a lot during my ministry. I've found that if we are unwilling to share our faith, when it is the mission that God has given to us, there will always be something that's missing. The fire will wane. God wants to use you, and here is how.

Presidential Warnings
13 days ago  -  55 minutes long

The past really does speak to the present. Host Chuck Chrismier points out some of the pertinent, passionate quotes from past presidents that still hold prophetically true in today's society.

No Condemnation and Why Part 3
13 days ago  -  59 minutes long

In the third part of this series, Pastor Lankford shares how there is no condemnation or guilt in the life of a believer by what Jesus did on the cross.

Breakthrough (Ep. 3)
14 days ago  -  37 minutes long

Do you want or need a breakthrough in your family, your health, or your finances? Are you ready for victory? Do you want to be an overcomer? We will share four keys that will ensure breakthrough!

Felt Need Part 2 (Ep. M24)
14 days ago  -  7 minutes long

Press deeper in understanding what the felt need is of your audience when you listen to part 2 of this series. Hear how it affects your business more than you realize and its message.

Pray for Our Children Part One (Ep. 88)
14 days ago  -  9 minutes long

What do you want your children to learn from you? Listen how your children learn about God from you. Gina discusses praying for our children and to teach your children how to pray.

Crossing Over to the Other Side!
14 days ago  -  37 minutes long

If you've been in a barren place, it's time to cross over to the other side. Let this prophetic intercession and teaching encourage you to press on through!

Spirit-Filled Church Gives Away 5 Cars at Grand Opening
14 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This story is about a charismatic church that gave away five cars at its official grand opening. It's not really something you would expect a church to do. Play to hear more.

Hearts of the Fathers
14 days ago  -  55 minutes long

The issue of fatherlessness in this country has become a national emergency. Not surprisingly, we have failed to heed Rev. Billy Graham's fatherly warnings. Host Chuck Chrismier wonders what Rev. Graham would say to us now in our grief.

Tam Talks with Shawn Bolz: What Is a Woman In Leadership?
14 days ago  -  29 minutes long

Women have the same role in leadership as men do. Listen as Shawn Bolz shares about women in leadership and what he sees the direction of their role is today.

What is Transformation? Transforming the Atmosphere (Ep. 13)
14 days ago  -  9 minutes long

What is Transformation? How do you transform the atmosphere in your workplace? Find out how to bring transformation to your space whether you are in a cube, a company, or home office.

Exploring the Prophetic with Danny Silk: Mental Illness Spectrum (Ep. 25)
14 days ago  -  14 minutes long

In this episode, Shawn Bolz interviews Danny Silk. Danny serves on the senior leadership team both in Bethel Church in Redding and Jesus Culture in Sacramento. He is the President and Co-Founder of Loving on Purpose. This is the second interview with Danny Silk and is a power-packed one! Join Shawn and Danny, as they speak about how those who struggle with mental illness can still hear the voice of God.

Felt Need Part 1 (Ep. M22)
15 days ago  -  6 minutes long

Challenge yourself to find out if your content is meeting the felt need of your audience. Hear how to first call out your target market in the copy. Then learn to practice writing felt need by sending a Tweet a day.

Coming Out of the Wilderness
15 days ago  -  34 minutes long

Are you in a wilderness place right now? Hear how you can learn lessons in the wilderness, but you aren't called to live there.

Move the Mountain (Ep. 87)
15 days ago  -  7 minutes long

What is your mountain? Tell it to move. Hear how to not let the mountains block your view of how good God is. Depend on God today.

You Are A Woman God Can Use
15 days ago  -  17 minutes long

Are you struggling to find your role in the church? Listen as Frieda White discusses how her book, "A Woman God Can Use" will help you discover your divine anointment by God for women are a necessary and valuable part of ministry.

Affair-Proof Your Marriage
15 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Is the grass any greener on the other side? Too many couples, Christian couples, find out the hard way. Host Chuck Chrismier lets listeners in on some secrets that could help keep them from major heartache.

Anne Graham Lotz Reveals Prophetic Significance of Billy Graham's Death
18 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about Billy Graham's funeral and how his daughter Anne Graham Lotz reveals the stunning prophetic significance of her father's death date. So tune in and hear how thousands honored this hero of the faith!

Jennifer LeClaire Prophesies Unshakable, Birthing, Transition and More
18 days ago  -  44 minutes long

Jennifer LeClaire shares a number of prophetic words for this season, including Metamorphosis, new identities, new assignments, and more. Check out this fiery teaching from Christian International's Watchman Leadership Conference. Listen and share this word.

Interview with Christian R&B Artist Ruth La'Ontra (Ep. 86)
18 days ago  -  13 minutes long

Ruth La'Ontra is a walking miracle and is a blessing to her family. Listen to Gina interview Ruth to hear her story of God has done in her life. Be encouraged to know God has ordained great things for you.

Names Can Be Deceptive (Ep. 20)
18 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Explore what you can learn from a name. People believe it can bring out a man's character. Listen to what the Lord says about a name and what you let in as life filters.

Roots of Religion with Shane Roessiger
18 days ago  -  17 minutes long

What are the roots of religion? Where did they start? Author and pastor Shane Roessiger answers these questions in his new book, Roots of Religion. Listen as he shares about the book, the two churches in the world, and the love of Jesus.

How to be Righteous At Work
18 days ago  -  7 minutes long

If you lead to sin you are a slave to sin. If you seek the Lord you are a slave to righteousness. Take God to work with you by hearing this devotion on Romans 6:16. You will want to lead with righteousness.

The World Trembles
18 days ago  -  55 minutes long

The U.S. becomes the "greatest energy nation in history?" It once seemed unfathomable. Host Chuck Chrismier wonders what does this mean in terms of biblical prophecy? You won't want to miss this episode.

Demand Assessment (Ep. M21)
18 days ago  -  5 minutes long

How many people are going to buy your product? What is it going to take to cover your cost? Listen to this business lesson to determine the demand for your product. Learn it takes a lot of frequency to build your products awareness.

Blessed to be a Blessing, The Flow, Part 2
18 days ago  -  18 minutes long

Listen as host Hila J. Esters teaches us how in Christ, we are to flow with God as we receive and release the blessings of God by the Holy Spirit.

Lead with Humility (Ep. 53)
19 days ago  -  28 minutes long

Love leads with humility. This is one of the many lessons Richard Stearns, President of World vision, learned early in his career. Listen as he tells his story as CEO for Fortune 500 companies to God leading him to World Vision. Stearns teaches the first lesson in leadership is humility. Then encourages you to be a leader who inspires people.

Tam Talks Expect More Part 2
19 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Receive the more of God so you can be the more of God. In part two hear the steps to take:

  1. You must change your limiting belief system.
  2. You must change your language. Speak life and not death over people.
  3. Receive God's gift of more.
  4. Give to others as God has given to you.
Pray For Our Young Women (Ep. 85)
19 days ago  -  9 minutes long

Calling all prayer warriors. It is time for us to intercede in prayer for our young women and children. Listen how they are being led astray with today's culture, lies from the enemy, and the power of prayer can make the difference.

When Python Attacks. Break Free.
19 days ago  -  34 minutes long

When the python spirits attacks, sometimes it's hard to even pray. Join Jennifer for this prophetic prayer and teaching session and break free.

Exploring the Prophetic with Charles Stock (Ep. 24)
19 days ago  -  19 minutes long

In this episode, Shawn Bolz interviews Charles Stock who is an author and pastors a church called Life Center in Pennsylvania. He and his wife oversee their church which has many ministries involved with it. Join Shawn and Charles as he shares about one of the most epic resources being brought through the prophetic, their amazing church building.

Exclusive Market - Target Marketing Part 4 (Ep. M20)
19 days ago  -  5 minutes long

When you market to all people you are marketing to no one. In this marketing lesson, hear how to be exclusive in who you target. When you tighten who the audience is you will receive a stronger response.

Is it Possible to Love Not the World?
19 days ago  -  55 minutes long

There are many areas in which we need to exercise discernment. But there is one aspect of this area that we, as believers, seldom deal with. Host Chuck Chrismier warns to be wary of it.

No Condemnation and Why Part 2
19 days ago  -  59 minutes long

In part 2 of this series, Pastor Lankford shares how there is no condemnation or guilt in the life of a believer by what Jesus did on the cross.

Megachurch Pastor David T. Demola Dies
20 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story of how megachurch pastor and worldwide minister David T. Demola passed away. Hear more about this man's God-honoring legacy.

Comedian Puts Malachi 3:10 to the Test and God Proves His Word True
20 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about a comedian who put God's Word to the test—literally. He decided to test and see if God's promise in Malachi 3:10 was really true. Would God really open the floodgates when he took this simple act of obedience? Tune in to find out.

Entering Into the 4th Watch. Intercessors Arise!
20 days ago  -  22 minutes long

Did you know there are different watches in prayer? Jennifer prays at 6 am every day, but she's up at 4 am praying in a strategic watch. Let this prophetic prayer and teaching liberate and inspire you.

Faith and Music with Gospel Artist Sherwin Gardner (Ep. 84)
20 days ago  -  19 minutes long

Trinidadian Gospel reggae artist Sherwin Gardner discusses how God is using him through music. He encourages you to have a relationship with God where you can go to Him with anything. You never know what God may have planned.

Rada Manufacturing Helps Church Fundraisers with Cutlery Gifts
20 days ago  -  12 minutes long

If you are looking for new ideas for fundraising consider Rada Manufacturing. Representative Kristi Foelske shares about the company and what they can offer churches, Christian organizations, and testimonies from people who used their sources.

How to Avoid Deception With Discernment
20 days ago  -  55 minutes long

In these last days, man's heart will turn hard; they will become lovers of pleasure. How is that possible? Host Chuck Chrismier says it because we severley lack this.

Identity Crisis (Ep. 2)
20 days ago  -  23 minutes long

Do you know who you are?

Do you know where you are going?

Do you have a real relationship with God or is it a performance-based relationship?

Find your true identity and purpose in life as we share godly principles that will help you discover who you were really meant to be.

What Is Your Consumer's Felt Need? - Target Marketing Part 3 (Ep. M19)
20 days ago  -  7 minutes long

Why would people need to connect with you? You have provided a solution meeting their felt need. Hear how you determine what the felt need is of your audience and the essence of understanding marketing.

No Condemnation and Why Part 1
20 days ago  -  59 minutes long

Today Pastor Lankford shares how there is no condemnation or guilt in the life of a believer by what Jesus did on the cross.

Why Evangelize? (Ep. 20)
20 days ago  -  13 minutes long

We start our focus on evangelism with: "Why Evangelize?" How many people are there around us that need rescuing? Are we doing our job of reaching out? Who better to reach the people in your circle than you? Jay Lowder talks about the why and the how.

The Human Right with Rice Broocks (Ep. 52)
20 days ago  -  22 minutes long

Every single human being has a right to know the message of Jesus. Listen how Rice Broocks is reaching the world in love with his new book The Human Right: To Know Jesus Christ And To Make Him Known. Learn not to give up entering the public square to share the Gospel. It does have the power to change hearts, minds, and people.

Understand Target Market - Target Marketing Part 2
20 days ago  -  8 minutes long

Who will engage with your content? Listen to find out how you can use descriptors of your audience as predictors of who they are and what they want. It brings you to a target audience who will engage with your product or organization instead of a broad mass audience.

7 Mountains Sacred vs. Secular (Ep. 12)
20 days ago  -  17 minutes long

Impact your sphere in the 7 Mountains of Society by learning how to expose the falsehood of the sacred vs secular belief. Listen to receive a blessing from preachers in the marketplace.

Maturity In the Lord (Ep. 83)
21 days ago  -  8 minutes long

Do you feel God is at a distance from you? You are not alone. Listen as Gina shares from her personal experience in maturing in the Lord. Learn He is not far. It is time for you to grow and mature going to a new level in Christ.

When Your Enemy Finally Falls
21 days ago  -  32 minutes long

What do you do when your enemy finally falls? The Bible is clear on how to behave when vindication comes your way. Be careful to walk out this word! Listen in to this prophetic prayer and teaching session with Jennifer and get equipped and encouraged.

Power Outage of Strength At Work
21 days ago  -  12 minutes long

No one has enough natural strength to not call upon the Lord. Survive your workday by calling upon the Lord. When you listen to this devotion on 1 Peter 4:11 you will plug into to His power to avoid any power outages of doing work in your own strength.

Accountable to the Message
21 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Fifty-six years ago, Billy Graham prophesied of a movement to take completely remove God from our culture. Host Chuck Chrismier says Graham nailed it, and more than a half century later, the movement is accelerating.

I Urge You to Repent (Ep. 82)
21 days ago  -  6 minutes long

Have you grown weary waiting for God to fulfill dreams and prayers? Don't grow dull in your faith, escape going through the emotions after you listen to this devotion. Ask the Lord to replenish your heart and reprint for any unbelief.

Tam Talks Expect More Part 1
21 days ago  -  16 minutes long

Do you believe that God has more for you? Take the time to listen, ponder and think about where you are with your faith as Tammy talks with you about:

  1. You've got to recognize that you don't have to stay where you are this is just enough.
  2. More and more.
  3. It is not because you've earned it it's because God created you and wants to bless you.
  4. Look for favor.
Exploring the Prophetic with William Paul Young (Ep. 23)
22 days ago  -  26 minutes long

In this Episode, Shawn Bolz interviews William Paul Young, who is the author of The Shack and his newest book, Lies We Believe About God. The Shack has sold 17 million copies and the movie has gone to hard to reach places around the world as a great form of evangelism. Join the conversation as Shawn and Paul discuss how the Holy Spirit is affecting Paul's world and the lives of those around him.

The Bible Says ... Really?
22 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Americans revere the Bible, they just don't read it. Host Chuck Chrismier explains why that doesn't do anybody any good.

The Veil: An Invitation to the Unseen Realm with Blake K. Healy
22 days ago  -  37 minutes long

Have you ever wanted to see angels around you? You can by asking the Holy Spirit to show you where to look.

Understand how to see in the Spirit when you listen to the author of The Veil, Blake K. Healy. He shares his experiences of seeing angels and demons from childhood to present. It's not about a magic moment, it's about seeing God's Glory.

Embrace Change (Ep. 81)
25 days ago  -  5 minutes long

No matter what is changing in your life, God never changes. Hear this devotion to look to God to know what needs to change within you during each season. Stop resisting God, start trusting Him, and ask Him to help you with your unbelief today.

What will you choose to remember?
25 days ago  -  32 minutes long

God doesn't have a bad memory. He chooses not to remember certain things like our sins. You choose to meditate on what you remeber. Let this prophetic prayer session and teaching encourage you in your memories.

Underdog Pastor Challenges President in Electoral Showdown
25 days ago  -  4 minutes long

David was able to overcome tremendously stacked odds to defeat Goliath, thanks to God's favor. A Venezuelan evangelical pastor is hoping for similar results, as he recently announced he would run against his country's unpopular President in an election many have called unfair. Find out all the details when you click to listen.

Love With Your All
25 days ago  -  11 minutes long

It is not your duty to love. Love starts in the heart by knowing who the Lord really is. Listen to how you can love with your all and start loving others in this devotion on Luke 10:25. Change how you love today.

How to Determine Demand - Target Marketing Part 1 (Ep. M17)
25 days ago  -  6 minutes long

What segment of people demands your product? Before you begin selling a product or service you have to know the demand. Learn the benefits of demand through target marketing. Listen to part one of this series to start with the audience who is following you and define the benefit segmentation.

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