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Lazarus Come Out: 5 Essential Keys to Unwrapping the Grave Clothes That Bind (Ep. 8)

5 months ago  -  32 minutes long

Does God bring dead things back to life again; your marriage, your relationships, your broken dreams, your future? What is your, "if only?" An expectation that cannot be moved is faith in action. Join us today as we prove that God is still bringing dead things back to life again and 5 keys to coming out of your own personal darkness.

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Abundant Rain (Ep. 16)
2 months ago  -  30 minutes long

Your environment will influence your decisions, your discoveries, and your destiny.

In the right atmosphere, you will see what God sees.

In the wrong atmosphere, you will see what your enemy wants you to see.

What brings on a spiritual drought?

What can you expect in the midst of a spiritual drought?

Listen now as we give an action plan: 7 keys to turning your season of drought into a season of blessings and abundance.

Show Me Your Glory (Ep. 15)
3 months ago  -  39 minutes long

There was a woman caught in the act of adultery. An angry mob was standing over her as she lay in the dirt. Jesus stooped down and wrote in the sand. The Pharisee's thought, "This is our right. This is our law. This is our duty."

The Old Testament collides with New Testament: stoning vs. freedom, law vs. grace, mercy vs. judgment. Jesus must have been pondering the Old and the New, pondering what He was about to do. He must have been thinking...Do you understand people? Here, you are about to see My greatest glory!

The Plight of Two Ordinary Women (Ep. 14)
3 months ago  -  34 minutes long

What will be your spiritual legacy?

Can God use you to further His kingdom?

Will you impact the lost by the life you chose to live?

Will you be an influencer to those around you?

Will you invest in others and allow them to invest in you?

God's plan: He can take the most messed up situations, the greatest losses of our lives, the things we see as our greatest failures, and turn them into something beautiful.

Hidden Treasures: 7 Keys to Unlock the Hidden Treasures Within (Ep. 13)
3 months ago  -  34 minutes long

Have you known in your heart, that God has called you for more, but you just do not know how to find what that "more" is?

Listen today and tap into your hidden potential!

Wise in Heart: When One Right Decision Will Change Your Life Forever (Ep. 12)
4 months ago  -  37 minutes long

There will come in everyone's life, a point of decision, a crossroads, a junction when your decisions will take you down the right path or take you down the wrong path. It is at that point of decision when all in life will hang in the balance.

Will you make the right choices and go in the right direction or will you be led in the wrong direction?

Join us today as we share 10 keys to learn to discern the appropriate time and response and become WISE IN HEART.

The Power of Second Chances: 7 keys to reaching Your Divine Destination (Ep. 11)
4 months ago  -  42 minutes long

We all are headed in some direction, but is it the right direction?

We are all called, but are we accomplishing our mission?

We all make decisions, but are they ones we can live with? What do you do when your own poor decisions take you off course and out of the will of GOD?

Join us today and find out how God has given us a second chance to head in the right direction and accomplish His will for our lives.

Spiritual Legacy: Impacting, Influencing, and Investing in Lives for Regret-Free Living (Ep. 10)
4 months ago  -  29 minutes long

How would you like to live your life in such a way that those unbelievers in your family, your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, anyone in your circle of influence would say, "Because you are who you are, I want to know your God!"

The Power of Faith: 7 keys to Living and Walking It Out (Ep. 9)
5 months ago  -  37 minutes long

Faith is the fuel for our own miracle and our miracle may only be as big as our faith. Join us today as we share three powerful principles concerning faith and seven keys to living and walking it out.

Dreaming Your Way Into Your Prophetic Promises (Ep. 7)
5 months ago  -  25 minutes long

Dreams can have a profound impact on our lives; some are from God, some are simply from our desires. How do you identify a God-given dream? How do you know when it is time to move on that dream? Join us as we share 7 ways to identify the prophetic dream inside of you, and 10 keys to successfully implement those dreams.

Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it" but we say, if its God-given dream, it will surely happen!

Great Victories (Ep. 6)
5 months ago  -  31 minutes long

Do you need victory in your life: victory over the past and the pain of yesterday, victory over trauma, abuse, and neglect, victory over sickness, fear, and failure, victory over bad relationships, estrangement, abandonment & loneliness? Join us as we share 7 principles to ensure a victory in life and in relationships, and just how do we get there.

The Power of Forgiveness (Ep. 5)
5 months ago  -  37 minutes long

Unforgiveness makes you a victim of circumstance.

Forgiveness frees you from the pain of circumstance.

It will free you from negative emotions

It will free you from the hold others have over you

It will break the ties with a traumatic situation

It will allow you to feel joy again

It will restore your fellowship with God

Listen as we share powerful ways to walk in forgiveness and be free.

The Power of Joy (Ep. 4)
6 months ago  -  27 minutes long

Have you ever felt like joy has eluded you, or you've been through so much pain you've stopped trying or worse, even expecting to be truly happy? Listen as we share what joy is, where to find it and how to walk in it day-by-day, regardless of life's circumstances.

Breakthrough (Ep. 3)
6 months ago  -  37 minutes long

Do you want or need a breakthrough in your family, your health, or your finances? Are you ready for victory? Do you want to be an overcomer? We will share four keys that will ensure breakthrough!

Identity Crisis (Ep. 2)
6 months ago  -  23 minutes long

Do you know who you are?

Do you know where you are going?

Do you have a real relationship with God or is it a performance-based relationship?

Find your true identity and purpose in life as we share godly principles that will help you discover who you were really meant to be.

Casting Out the Spirit of Fear (Ep. 1)
6 months ago  -  31 minutes long

Do you struggle with anxiety? Robin Bertram joins Jessilyn Justice of the Charisma Podcast Network to discuss how her battle with anxiety inspired her ministry, learning to walk in faith in the midst of fear, and her new book, "No Regrets". Listen how to fight the good fight with spiritual warfare in order to live a life of no regrets.

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