Walking in the Spirit Podcast
Go deeper in your faith and ignite your walk with the Holy Spirit. Receive reflections and revelations on prophetic insights, spiritual warfare tools and practical advice for everyday Christian living. Each week, best-selling author Jennifer LeClaire encourages you and lights the fire placed within you to crave more of the Holy Spirit.

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Surging Against Fear And Death
5 hours ago  -  38 minutes long

When you keep running into the same roadblock over and over again, something is wrong. Listen to this prophetic prayer devotion to learn how to discern the demonic patterns. Then hear Jennifer pray for you to break off fears and death.

3 Dangerous Traps That Can Blind Seers
4 days ago  -  24 minutes long

Rise up in your gifts. Listen to these three dangerous traps that blind the eyes of seers.

Purge For the Surge
5 days ago  -  24 minutes long

The weapons of spiritual warfare you have are strong enough to pull down strongholds. Listen to this prayer call and devotion to start thinking like Jesus and let God purge out strongholds in your life.

God Says, 'I Am Waiting on You'
6 days ago  -  25 minutes long

Whose voice are you listening to? Some will boost you up and some will tear you down. The Lord's voice will lead you down the right path. Hear now to stop listening to the wrong voices. Listen to Jennifer's prayer call with a word on God is Waiting On You.

Surging Against the Stronghold
7 days ago  -  24 minutes long

What good does it to do to worry? Jesus said it best on the sermon on the mount. Listen to this devotion to cast your cares on Jesus. Then hear Jennifer share this prophetic prayer on surging against the stronghold.

Take Off Your Mask and Look at Me Face to Face
8 days ago  -  25 minutes long

Seek to please God and not man. Learn how by when you listen in on this Holy Spirit prophetic devotion. You will have peace and joy when you seek to please the Father. Then hear this revelation to take off your mask and press into your true identity.

Moving Cycles of Trauma to Triumph
11 days ago  -  24 minutes long

Keep getting back up. Hear how you can outlast the devil in spiritual warfare. The Lord will give you the strength to stand against anything. Listen to this prayer call and then hear Jennifer give a word on moving cycles of trauma to triumph. Don't miss what God is speaking to you today. Hit play.

How do I Know if I am Hearing God's Voice?
12 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a question many believers ask. Listen to this short answer from host Jennifer LeClaire, founder of the Ignite prophetic network and Awakening Blaze prayer movement. Hear how the more time you spend with God, the more accurate you will know His voice.

The Best Is Yet to Come
14 days ago  -  24 minutes long

Remember how far God has brought you. Your latter will be greater than your best. Listen to this prayer devotion with special guest host Christine Jackman. Get ready for your best is yet to come.

Leviathan Rising: A Prophetic Warning in a Dream About Water Spirits
18 days ago  -  45 minutes long

What are water spirits? If you have never heard of a water spirit then you will want to hear this word from host Jennifer LeClaire. Learn more about these marine demons, where they live, how they attack, and scriptures referencing water demons.

Should I Use 'Thus Saith the Lord'?
19 days ago  -  4 minutes long

When you prophesy, do you have to use this phrase? Does it carry weight or turn people off to receive the Word? Listen to this Ask Jennifer session to find out what happens when "Thus Saith the Lord" should be used.

What the Holy Spirit Wants From Us
20 days ago  -  32 minutes long

Go deeper in the Love of the Holy Spirit. Nothing can stop you, except wrong thoughts. Listen to this prayer call to find out what the Holy Spirit wants from you, will and body.

Blatant Signs You Need Deliverance
22 days ago  -  20 minutes long

You can be demonized in your emotions, in your mind, in your body or your physical lusts. But how can you tell if you need deliverance? In this episode, Jennifer discusses the overwhelming temptation issue. Listen now.

Prophetic Prayer: Time to let go!
25 days ago  -  19 minutes long

Leave the cares of the world behind. Listen to this prayer devotion to reject the worries that distract you from God's heart. Then hear a prophetic word from Jennifer to know when it is time to let go. Make a decision today to step out in a new battle plan.

Prophetic Prayer: When the Big Bad Wolf Comes to Blow Your House Down
26 days ago  -  33 minutes long

You often feel an urgency to respond when something occurs. Hear how you can wait on the Lord to put the fire out. Pray first, let Him Guide you. Listen to this prophetic prayer and receive this word on when the big bad wolf comes to blow your house down.

Prophecy: Momentum
27 days ago  -  18 minutes long

Accelerated acceleration was part of the prophetic promise about which the Lord spoke over 2018. Indeed, many major prophets from the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE), on which Jennifer also sit, prophesied an acceleration in 2018. Near the mid-way mark of the year, the word momentum started brewing in Jennifer's spirit. When she quieted her soul and waited upon the Lord, Jennifer heard these words. Click to play.

Listen to the Metamorphosis Prophecy for 2018 at this link: http://bit.ly/2018Metamorphosis

How Jezebel Assassinates Prophetic Voices & How to Battle Back
28 days ago  -  72 minutes long

Are you one that is prophetic or a prophet and feels like you have been targeted by an invisible demonic force? Or have been caught in a web of slander, false accusations, barrage of sudden attacks and hits? Or strangled by the grips of Jezebel's witchcraft and control? Or muzzled to speak up and out? Receive insight that will help you break free once and for all. Jennifer is joined by Hakeem and Naim Collins to answer these questions and more.

Recognize Your Rite of Passage
29 days ago  -  38 minutes long

You are worth everything to the Lord. He wants to teach you how to receive His love. Listen in to this prophetic prayer call to learn more about the Love of the Lord and the word Jennifer gives on how you can recognize your right of passage. Hear and seek now.

A Prophetic Word and Assignment for Seniors and Retirees
1 month ago  -  15 minutes long

You have an opportunity to do something great for the Kingdom of God. Your time is not over. The Lord has more for our Seniors and Retirees. Listen to this prophetic word from Jennifer. Be encouraged to rise up, gather and step into your new assignments.

Are You Overdue?
1 month ago  -  27 minutes long

If you have been waiting a while for your breakthrough, it can become uncomfortable. Host Jennifer LeClaire says if you have been carrying a spiritual purpose or a spiritual baby, so to speak, God is about to deliver on His promise to You.

3 Keys to Discerning the Root of the Resistance: Is it God or the devil?
1 month ago  -  24 minutes long

What do you do when you're in prayer and start to feel a resistance? Listen as Jennifer reveals what you can do to discern the resistance. Hear how God is not about confusion and chaos, it is a power wanting to distract you from His power. Hear more now.

Eyes Through Love
1 month ago  -  17 minutes long

It is time to see yourself through love. When you look at yourself through God's eyes your whole perspective will change. The impossible will be possible. Listen to this prayer devotion to let go of insecurities.

Heart Revelations in Your Dream Life
1 month ago  -  31 minutes long

Understand the power of God. What you have lost may not come back to you in the same way. Don't go back to closed doors. Listen and be encouraged as Jennifer prays with you about heart revelations.

Know When It's Time to Cut Your Losses
1 month ago  -  21 minutes long

Learn to discern what the Lord is speaking to you through people, places, and circumstances. Seek His truth in this prayer call devotion. Listen as Jennifer speaks on knowing when to surrender it to God.

Taking the Storm by Storm
1 month ago  -  23 minutes long

Wisdom will lead you to peace. Hear her cry to you today. Listen as Jennifer teaches from this prayer devotional with a prophetic word on to Take the Storms by Storm.

1 month ago  -  16 minutes long

The Lord will anoint you to do what Jesus did. Exalt Jesus today by listening to this prophetic word for a prophetic upgrade. Listen now.

Prophetic Prayer of Goodness
1 month ago  -  7 minutes long

Decree and declare the openness of heaven in your life. As Jennifer traveled to Sweden, she speaks a special prayer of goodness and courage in your life.

Your Triumphant Entry Into the Next
1 month ago  -  30 minutes long

Align your will with His will today. Hear how to open the keys of the future and get out of the past. Listen to the prophetic prayer call today to make a shift to victory.

Your Persevering Spirit Thrills My Heart (Ep. 653)
1 month ago  -  29 minutes long

God loves when a child of His does not give up, even when they have had plenty of reasons to do so. Jennifer LeClaire reveals to us how God can mightily use a person whom has suffered long but persevered through the hard times.

Looking for the Early Fruit of the Prophetic Word
1 month ago  -  9 minutes long

Refresh your hear and be encouraged with this word on prophecy. Hold fast to what has been spoken. Listen now for more.

The Separation Between Elijah and Elisha (Ep. 651)
1 month ago  -  10 minutes long

Like the departure of Elijah from this world, we, as believers, know transition will happen sometimes in our lives. Host Jennifer LeClaire says we should never look back on what God has removed from our lives, only forward toward our kingdom destiny.

Prophetic prayer: Pressing Into the Prophetic Anointing (Ep. 650)
2 months ago  -  34 minutes long

How are you feeling? Are you ready to quit? Don't give the enemy the satisfaction. Listen to the prayer devotion to continue running hard toward what God has for you. See the big picture. Seek the Holy Spirit today.

Walk Through the Doors God Opens (Ep. 649)
2 months ago  -  26 minutes long

Sometimes there is a demonic gatekeeper standing between you and what God has called you to. Host Jennifer LeClaire compels believers to not be intimidated by these demons because the enemy will not prevail against the Father's plans for you.

All is Not Lost (Ep. 648)
2 months ago  -  30 minutes long

Sometimes it may look as though everything is going against you. But, Jennifer LeClaire says, we shouldn't be fooled by our circumstances. As long as you have Jesus, there is still hope.

Don't Be a People Pleaser (Ep. 647)
2 months ago  -  49 minutes long

Host Jennifer LeClaire says people will pull you right out of the Father's will into their own will--if you let them. There is a big difference between walking in love and being walked on. Listen to this fascinating episode from Jennifer.

'I Will Never Lead You Astray'
2 months ago  -  31 minutes long

Has fear held you back? Has doubt caused you to question God's leading? Jennifer LeClaire says God wants you to know that this is a walk of faith and a relationship of trust, and that He will not let you fall when you walk in sincere faith. Do NOT be afraid.

Setting Cities on Fire for Jesus
2 months ago  -  23 minutes long

God is trying to get His people to move. To mobilize. Listen to this word from Jennifer. Find out when the Spirit of God comes upon you, it is to move. Hear more now.

Prophecy: Run to the battle line!
2 months ago  -  23 minutes long

Where are you at in the battles you are facing? Are you ready to lay down your weapon? Don't quit, run to the battleline. Listen to the prophecy Jennifer wants to share with you. Hear how the God in you will keep you in the fight. Know if you fight, you win.

Applying Scripture for Breakthrough Results (Ep. 643)
2 months ago  -  43 minutes long

Global apostolic leader Robert Henderson, who operates in revelation and impartation, joins Jennifer LeClaire on the podcast to help listeners achieve their breakthrough. Henderson discusses his new book, "Receiving Healing From the Courts of Heaven."

Living a Life Full of Divine Encounters
2 months ago  -  43 minutes long

Join Jennifer LeClaire and her guest, Patricia Bootsma, author of "Lifestyle of Divine Encounters," and a leader of the Catch the Fire Movement Toronto, as the two discuss how people are desperate to experience God—not just at church or a special event— but on a continuous, daily basis.

Discern the Difference Between the Spirit and the Flesh
2 months ago  -  42 minutes long

Not every obstacle you will face involves spiritual warfare. Jennifer LeClaire says you must discern the source of your discouragement and fatigue so that you can either sit back and wait on the Lord or launch a counter attack against the enemy.

Putting the Right Prayer Tools to Work
2 months ago  -  15 minutes long

What are the right gears to put in your prayer toolbox? Listen as Jennifer shares by focusing on effective prayer that drives results. Hear the right verses to go deeper in your prayer life today.

This Too Shall Pass. Know You Are Loved.
2 months ago  -  26 minutes long

Seek God's counsel in confusing times. Listen to this prayer devotion to remember to seek God first in all things. Only He knows what is best. No longer be confused on what is going on in your life. Be led by His peace. Know this will pass. Know you are loved. Hear this prophetic prayer today.

Have You Lost Your Sight?
2 months ago  -  7 minutes long

Seasons change but God never does. He sees all our days, times, communication, lows and highs. God wants you to see! Press into prophetic intercession and teaching with Jennifer LeClaire. Listen now.

7 Wisdom Tips for Millennial Prophets
2 months ago  -  27 minutes long

God is raising up Millennial prophetic voices with great clarity and accuracy. No matter what your age you can benefit from wisdom in prophetic ambassadorship. Listen as Jennifer share far more than seven wisdom tips.

Hand to Hand Combat: Crushing the Spirit of Poverty
2 months ago  -  14 minutes long

In this episode, Jennifer LeClaire and her guest Ryan Johnson tackle the spirit of poverty. God does not want you to be poor anymore. He's called you to walk in health and prosper, even as your soul prospers (see 3 John 1:2). Breakthrough with this prophetic teaching.

Discover This Biblical Key to True Prosperity
2 months ago  -  10 minutes long

Want a key to prosperity? Listen to this podcast to find what the Bible says about prosperity through the story of Solomon in 1 Kings 3:4.

Don't Let the Dust Settle on Your Mind (Ep. 634)
2 months ago  -  9 minutes long

When people reject you, God wants you to put it behind you and not carry it that rejection to the next place He sends you. Jennifer LeClaire explains going beyond what you might think Matthew 10:14 means.

Kindness Instead of Cursing (Ep. 633)
2 months ago  -  10 minutes long

David's men wanted to kill Shammai for Shammai's criticism of their king. Jennifer LeClaire tells us that instead, David showed mercy toward Shammai. Listen to how this story unfolds and how it applies to your life.

Will the REAL You Please Stand Up!
2 months ago  -  13 minutes long

Take the mask off you are wearing. Find out who puts this mask on you and what you will find when you take it off. Listen to be free of the mask you are wearing.

7 More Signs Your Pastor is Absolutely Toxic (Ep. 632)
2 months ago  -  17 minutes long

In a follow-up to an earlier episode, Jennifer LeClaire talks more about church hurt, spiritual abuse and breaking toxic alignments.

5 Reasons God Puts Prophets in Good Hiding Places (Ep. 631)
2 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Jennifer LeClaire explains these reasons out of 1 Kings 17. Check out this great podcast.

Moving from Mega to Epic
3 months ago  -  20 minutes long

A year ago this month, Jennifer LeClaire began to prophesy about the mega, and it went viral. But the Lord has said He wants to move to a higher level. Listen as Jennifer explains.

Whose Wisdom Are You Heeding
3 months ago  -  10 minutes long

Whose Advice are you listening to? Listen to this teaching on the son of Solomon, Rehoboam. Hear what he did when he sought counsel from wiser older men and then turned his back on it. Learn when you turn your back on wise counsel starts a season of trials. Discern today the wisdom of God and the will of people.

Stop Depending Upon Your Own Perceptions (Ep. 627)
3 months ago  -  31 minutes long

Today, Jennifer LeClaire teaches believers that wrong perceptions lead to presumption, and presumptions can devastate relationships. Ask God for discernment and to to help you avoid the sin of presumption.

Open Your Spiritual Eyes (Ep. 626)
3 months ago  -  31 minutes long

God wants us to see the spiritual depths of His love for us. Jennifer LeClaire says He wants us to ask Him in prayer to open our spiritual eyes. Here is what will happen when we do.

Surging Against the Stronghold of Disease (Ep. 624)
3 months ago  -  11 minutes long

In this episode of Walking in the Spirit, Jennifer LeClaire encourages believers who are struggling with sickness and injury to read and grab hold of Proverbs 18 to use it as a sword against the enemy.

God is moving the faithful from barrenness to birthing dreams!
3 months ago  -  31 minutes long

God is moving the faithful from barrenness to birthing. Tap into this prophetic prayer and teaching session and let the Word of the Lord encourage you!

Enduring Sickness and Healing from Soul Wounds
3 months ago  -  11 minutes long

Receive healing from your wounds. Listen to Jennifer as she shares this message on how your spirit is stronger and can endure. But a broken spirit, what can it bare? Hear to let go of hurt today.

Prophetic prayer: Breaking Jezebel's Witchcraft
3 months ago  -  23 minutes long

Tired of Jezebel's witchcraft? Jennifer presses into prophetic warfare prayer in this broadcast. Listen now to find rest.

Are we twisting this Proverb?
3 months ago  -  12 minutes long

Are we twisting this Proverb? Decide for yourself. Listen to this powerful teaching from Jennifer on Proverbs 3. Find out what is being twisted and how it is possible to hold back from the Lord.

Refocus Your Mind
3 months ago  -  22 minutes long

Listen to hear what the Lord says to refocus your mind. Those who keep their mind on Him, stay in peace. Jennifer exposes there are root issues deeper than the thoughts you are weeding out. Start all over again today.

Three Ways to Tap into God's Mega Grace for the Trial
3 months ago  -  11 minutes long

Going through a trial right now? The grace of God really is sufficient for you. Listen in to Jennifer and learn how to get grace for the trial.

When You are Weary In the Warfare
3 months ago  -  10 minutes long

Weariness is an open door for the enemy. Listen to this teaching from 2 Samuel 21:15. Hear how David was weary and facing the return of an enemy attacking at an opportune time. Be encouraged to know when you sow seeds to fight for others, someone will rise up to help you fight your battle.

Prophetic Prayer: Surging against Mental Strongholds
3 months ago  -  42 minutes long

Have you let resentment build up in your heart? Break this root and the mental strongholds surging inside. Hear this prayer, devotion, and teaching now.

Church Hurt: 7 Signs Your Pastor is Absolutely Toxic
3 months ago  -  17 minutes long

Is your pastor toxic? If so, you'll experience church hurt in his or her ministry if you haven't already. Borrowing from Thom S. Rainer's list of toxic leadership signs, Jennifer exposes seven characteristics of unhealthy apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. If you have been hurt by a toxic pastor, you may not want to step foot into a church again. Listen to find out what to do.

Ryan Johnson Talks On The Spirit of Illegitimacy
3 months ago  -  46 minutes long

The enemy wants to steal your identity. Learn how it is more than a relationship with Christ. Listen in as Jennifer interviews author Ryan Johnson about his new book 'Illegitimacy: The Battle Over Your Identity.'

5 Big Mistakes Emerging Prophets Make
3 months ago  -  22 minutes long

Are you an emerging prophet? It's not about your age. It's about how long you've been walking in your calling. Over the past nearly 20 years, Jennifer has discovered five big mistakes emerging prophets make. Listen to find out what they are and if you are making them.

When and how should you rebuke somebody?
4 months ago  -  14 minutes long

When do you rebuke someone? What about a leader? What about someone who is just in deception? How do you rebuke them? There's a right and wrong spirit in doing this. Listen now to find out.

Prophetic Prayer: Press Past Absolute Exhaustion
4 months ago  -  23 minutes long

Get up and move toward what God has for you. Listen now to press into this prophetic prayer and teaching and press past exhaustion. You can do this.

Church Hurt: What to Do When You Christians Use, Abuse and Accuse You
4 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Have you been burned in churches? Have you faced spiritual abuse? Do you want to run away and never step foot in a church again? But that's not the answer.

Church hurt can make you bitter or it can make you a better Christian. In this in-depth teaching series, Jennifer LeClaire gets real and raw and offers hope for the hurting. This teaching series will change your life. Get free from church hurt!

Prophecy: Realignments, Reassignments and Divine Disconnections
4 months ago  -  19 minutes long

We're in a season of realignments, reassignments and divine disconnections. The Lord says, "The season of realignment is upon you, but there is a purpose in the realignment. I am bringing My people into a realignment for a reassignment." Listen as Jennifer unpacks this prophetic teaching.

Who's Kingdom Are You Building?
4 months ago  -  12 minutes long

God is not obliged to build our kingdom but we are obliged to build his. Be careful not to get roped into building any man's kingdom and don't fall into the temptation to build your own kingdom. Listen to this prophetic voice from Jennifer LeClaire today.

5 Traits of 'Eagle' Prophets. Don't be a 'Vulture' Prophet.
4 months ago  -  23 minutes long

There are eagle prophets and vulture prophets.You want to soar with the former and soar with the latter. Eagle prophets and vulture prophets manifest in much different spirits. In this teaching, Jennifer explains some of the key distinctions.

Develope Precision Accuracy in Spiritual Warfare
4 months ago  -  30 minutes long

Change is constant. We all need to develop precision accuracy in spiritual warfare. Don't get complacent. Develop an accurate spirit, well balanced, sober-minded. Listen in on this prophetic intercession and teaching time with Jennifer.

When Intercession Brings Mega Vindication
4 months ago  -  41 minutes long

What do you need vindication on? Have you given the situation to the Lord to do more than you can imagine? Listen to find out how your intercessions bring mega vindication. Learn from Jennifer's personal stories of her own mega vindications from slander.

Pressing in for Kingdom Synergy
4 months ago  -  30 minutes long

Synergy is what happens when two people can do far more than one. In this hour, God is releasing kingdom partnerships for kingdom synergies. Tap into this prophetic call and teaching and get encouraged.

Beware the Miriam Spirit
4 months ago  -  15 minutes long

This spirit rises up against leaders. How should you deal with it? Jennifer LeClaire, founder of the Ignite prophetic network, offers prophetic insight in this pivotal teaching. Listen for more.

Christian Liars? Exposing a Lack of Integrity in the Church
4 months ago  -  35 minutes long

Do you believe Christians lie? They do it all the time. God is not pleased. What's the answer? Listen to find out.

5 Things to Contend for In a Ruth Year
4 months ago  -  35 minutes long

When you follow the Lord into His territory you encounter these five divine areas. Hear what these areas are and know the Lord will order your steps. if you doubt, it will open the doorway to unbelief. Be encouraged by this prophetic word today.

Exposing Bloodsucking Chameleon 'Christian' Vampires
4 months ago  -  19 minutes long

What is a bloodsucking chameleon Christian vampire? Hear how someone recently prophesied to Jennifer about God shaking loose all the bloodsuckers trying to hang on for a free ride. That resonated with Jennifer's spirit. She started looking into bloodsuckers and vampires. This message will expose them in your life and show you what to do next.

Prophetic Prayer: Unified for Battle
4 months ago  -  33 minutes long

It's time to get unified in the battle as unity assures victory! Your prayers make a difference. Get inspire and encouraged with this prophetic prayer and teaching with Jennifer LeClaire.

Prophetic Word: Pray in Faith
4 months ago  -  16 minutes long

God hears and answers prayer. There is hope for you to see a better tomorrow.Listen to what Jennifer heard the Lord say, "You will enter into a season of prayer answers when you enter a season of prayer. You will see My perfect will come into your circumstances when you pray in faith, nothing wavering. You will see My kingdom come into your life in its fullness when you start persistently asking. So ask and keep on asking. Then ask again."

Enter into a season of prayer and a season of prayer answers.

Root Out the Source of Financial Attacks
4 months ago  -  29 minutes long

What's the root of the financial attack in your life? Find out when you join this prophetic intercession and teaching broadcast with Jennifer. Listen and get in agreement.

Shut Up the Devi's Nagging
4 months ago  -  35 minutes long

The devil is a nagger! His strategy is to nag you to death like Delilah nagged Samson to death. Press into this prophetic intercession and teaching with Jennifer LeClaire and expose this enemy strategy in your life.

The Prophetic Power of the 300
4 months ago  -  31 minutes long

Throughout the Bible, you see the power of the 300. Listen to this powerful prophetic prayer and teaching with Jennifer. Learn about setting your will to God's will with an understanding of 300.

7 Sure Signs You're in a Cultish "Christian" Church. Escape Christian Church Cults.
4 months ago  -  24 minutes long

Are you in a Christian cult? A cult-like church? Is your church leadership manipulating and controlling you? It's hard to believe these things happen, but they do. And many times you feel like you must be crazy or that the enemy is just making false accusations. Jennifer LeClaire came out of a cultish church. She is offering you seven signs and personal examples of Christian cults and cult-like churches.

Prophetic Prayer: Throw Jezebel down!
4 months ago  -  31 minutes long

It's time to throw Jezebel down! Get in on this spiritual warfare prayer session and teaching with Jennifer LeClaire.

Prophetic Prayer: Building an altar on the stronghold.
4 months ago  -  36 minutes long

Demolish strongholds. Then build an altar for the Lord where the enemy ruled to prevent him from coming back. Press into this prophetic intercession and teaching with Jennifer LeClaire and push back the enemy's darkness over your life.

Who Do You Say That I Am?
5 months ago  -  32 minutes long

Jesus once asked His disciples that poignant question. Host Jennifer LeClaire says there are too many people these days who don't know how to answer it, but must realize that it's a strong invitation to everlasting life.

Bold Holy Ghost Confrontation and Prayer for Supernatural Debt Cancellation
5 months ago  -  40 minutes long

Sometimes you need to confront the things that are confronting you. Get in on this powerful prophetic prayer session for debt cancellation.

Reject the Slow Killer Called Stress
5 months ago  -  33 minutes long

God offers us peace that passes all understanding, but the enemy tries to steal, kill and destroy our lives with stress. Listen in to this powerful prophetic prayer and teaching to shake the stress off. Take your life back.

Dealing with Jezebel's Flattering Lips
5 months ago  -  32 minutes long

Jezebel can't seduce you until she can first flatter you. Get in on this prophetic and warfare intercession and strong teaching.

Crossing Over to the Other Side!
5 months ago  -  37 minutes long

If you've been in a barren place, it's time to cross over to the other side. Let this prophetic intercession and teaching encourage you to press on through!

Coming Out of the Wilderness
5 months ago  -  34 minutes long

Are you in a wilderness place right now? Hear how you can learn lessons in the wilderness, but you aren't called to live there.

Jennifer LeClaire Prophesies Unshakable, Birthing, Transition and More
5 months ago  -  44 minutes long

Jennifer LeClaire shares a number of prophetic words for this season, including Metamorphosis, new identities, new assignments, and more. Check out this fiery teaching from Christian International's Watchman Leadership Conference. Listen and share this word.

When Python Attacks. Break Free.
5 months ago  -  34 minutes long

When the python spirits attacks, sometimes it's hard to even pray. Join Jennifer for this prophetic prayer and teaching session and break free.

Entering Into the 4th Watch. Intercessors Arise!
5 months ago  -  22 minutes long

Did you know there are different watches in prayer? Jennifer prays at 6 am every day, but she's up at 4 am praying in a strategic watch. Let this prophetic prayer and teaching liberate and inspire you.

When Your Enemy Finally Falls
5 months ago  -  32 minutes long

What do you do when your enemy finally falls? The Bible is clear on how to behave when vindication comes your way. Be careful to walk out this word! Listen in to this prophetic prayer and teaching session with Jennifer and get equipped and encouraged.

What will you choose to remember?
5 months ago  -  32 minutes long

God doesn't have a bad memory. He chooses not to remember certain things like our sins. You choose to meditate on what you remeber. Let this prophetic prayer session and teaching encourage you in your memories.

God is about to make your head spin!
5 months ago  -  29 minutes long

The enemy has tried to make your head spin with trials and tribulation, but God is about to make your head spin with His goodness! Let this prophetic prayer call and teaching encourage your heart.

Combating Jezebel's and Religion's Escalating Threats
5 months ago  -  36 minutes long

Jezebel and the religious spirit breathes threats against you. Listen to how not to bow down. Hold on to the Lord instead.

19 Scriptural Revelations That Make Your Prayer Life More Effective
5 months ago  -  21 minutes long

James 5:16 assures us: "The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]." But why aren't you getting prayer answers? Could it be possible you are praying the wrong type of prayer? Listen to this teaching by Jennifer to grow in prayer.

Refuse to Return to Your Bondage!
5 months ago  -  24 minutes long

Once you break free, stay free! Find breakthrough and get inspired to walk it out in this prophetic prayer session.

When you are forced to pay the price for someone else's mistakes!
5 months ago  -  22 minutes long

What do you do when you are blamed for something someone else did? We've probably all experienced this with our kids, but there's a higher demonic level to this. Let this prayer and devotion encourage you!

Divine Coincidences Manifesting In this Season!
6 months ago  -  28 minutes long

When the pressure is on you learn how to find divine coincidences after listening to this prophetic prayer. Don't miss them in this season!

Spying Out the Land of Your Inheritance
6 months ago  -  26 minutes long

The enemy may be spying you on, but you need to be spying out the land because victory is yours. Be encouraged by this prophetic prayer and teaching. Take in the devotion to ask for the desires of your heart.

February 2018 Prophecy: Dream Out Loud Prophetic Word
6 months ago  -  15 minutes long

You've kept your dreams hidden in a tiny box, but now is the time to break out of the box. Listen to break religion, fear, doubt and demonic opposition that has held you in. Now is the time to dream out loud.

6 Keys to Building Your Faith to See in the Spirit Realm
6 months ago  -  18 minutes long

How do you cultivate faith to see in the spirit realm? It is altogether different than walking by faith and not by sight. Listen as Jennifer talks about building your faith to see the unseen according to God's will. Get the revelation you need by downloading now.

Watch Your Dreams Come True. Get a Blueprint to Build Your Dreams.
6 months ago  -  6 minutes long

God wants you to dream big dreams—dream wild dreams! But many have watched their dreams fade away or don't know how to translate the prophetic vision for their life into reality. Listen for the encouragement to dream again.

When You Can't Hear the Voice of God
6 months ago  -  26 minutes long

What do you do when you can't hear the voice of God? In this prophetic prayer and teaching time, Jennifer offers prayers and biblical answers.

Pushing Back the Enemy's Propaganda!
6 months ago  -  19 minutes long

It's time to push back the enemy's propaganda! Join Jennifer for this prophetic prayer session and put the devil under your feet. What perspective will you choose?

Prophetic Prayer: The Key to Deliverance From all Your Enemies
6 months ago  -  22 minutes long

If you are battling, join Jennifer in prophetic intercession where she reveals a key and prays for deliverance from all your enemies.

Calling Out the Ichabod Prophets. Stop Tolerating These Prophetic Types!
6 months ago  -  19 minutes long

Ichabod stays in attack mode, tearing down what God is building because they have no glory revelation from which to edify, comfort and exhort the body. Beware Ichabod prophets by listening to what Jennifer yearns to share with you.

Justice Is Served! God is Releasing Righteous Judgments Against Spiritual Enemies.
6 months ago  -  33 minutes long

God is serving justice to the merciful in this season!

The enemy is trying to put out the fire of the burning ones through a constant assault on character, finances, and relationships.

If that's you, it's time to celebrate. Listen now to hear Jennifer's word on how you will come out victorious over slander.

The Truth Always Comes Out!
6 months ago  -  26 minutes long

When you pour out your love to the Lord, He ravishes in it. Listen to this devotion in resting in the Lord's love and to put aside the things that pollute your mind. Be an overcomer, God's undefeated champion, with truth today.

Prophetic Prayer: How to Shut the Mouth of the Lion (Pt 2)
6 months ago  -  16 minutes long

Your tongue is like a rudder of a ship and it directs your life. If you have been confessing the wrong thing for a long it may take a while to turn it, but it will turn. Hear how to start confessing and praying right to start turning the ship of your tongue into God's authority.

Prophetic Prayer: How to Shut the Mouth of the Lion (Pt 1)
6 months ago  -  20 minutes long

How do you shut the mouth of a lion? Listen to this prayer call to find out. In part one, learn what God enjoys most and through prayer to ask for help to tame the tongue.

Taking Down Goliath's Offspring! (pt 2)
6 months ago  -  14 minutes long

When you are weary the enemy comes at you with and will use new weapons you are not aware of or know about. Listen to this message from 2 Samuel 21:15 when David was weary running into Goliath's descendants. Learn you need people around to help stand with you in force when you are too weary to fight.

Prophetic Prayer: Taking Down Goliath's Offspring! (Part One)
6 months ago  -  25 minutes long

Experience a deeper level of God's level. Hear this devotion surrendering to the Lord to abide in Him in this first part of Taking Down Goliath's Offspring.

Prophetic Prayer: Mantles of Breaker Intercession Falling
6 months ago  -  6 minutes long

Lord, help us to be willing and be given a prayer that releases. Listen to the special word God gave Jennifer about prayer and intercession. Will you give your life over to prayer after hearing this?

Prophecy: I Saw it Coming, I Will Give You Strategies
6 months ago  -  3 minutes long

Even though you do not feel prepared for what you are walking in God has seen it coming. Hear this short inspiring word the Holy Spirit gave Jennifer to be renewed God will give you strategies and help you through your walk and circumstance.

Prophesying a Season of Immediatelies | Moving Beyond Suddenlies into Miracles
6 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Get the faith to receive God's immediately. Stop doubting and fearing because this leads to doors of the enemy. Hear this message from Jennifer to study the promises of God, understand what He is saying, the doors of immediately or suddenly will begin to open.

9 Clear Signs of Prophetic Intercession
6 months ago  -  22 minutes long

There are sure signs that you are a bit different than other intercessors and prayer warriors. If you are operating in several of these nine ways, it's a sign that you are moving in the realm of prophetic intercession. Receive education, inspiration and be equipped with this short teaching. Receive strategic prayer by faith that will help you walk in your calling by listening now.

Dealing With False Accusations From Your Past
6 months ago  -  37 minutes long

God will show you what you need to know if you are walking in a wilderness. Yield to the Lord today by listening to this devotional and hear how you can deal with people who falsely accuse you with this prophetic word from Jennifer.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear!
6 months ago  -  34 minutes long

There's a great lesson in David's betrayal and the remarks he heard from others long afterward. Don't believe everything you hear! Don't take offense to what they say. Go to the source!

Burning the Bridges to Your Past
6 months ago  -  28 minutes long

Disconnect from people and things that are not good for you anymore. Hear how you have to burn every bridge to your past life to start another one. Begin to move forward by changing what's in your mind by listening now.

2018 Prophecy: Metamorphosis, Acceleration, Innovation
7 months ago  -  27 minutes long

Jennifer shared and unpacked the prophetic word for 2018 in this special teaching. Listen in and be super encouraged.

Prophetic Prayer: Prophesying a brand new identity! Shed the old image!
7 months ago  -  38 minutes long

The enemy likes to skew your identity or hides from you who God has called you to be. Don't let him! Hear this prayer devotion to meditate on God today, renew your mind, and begin to shed the old images you hold of yourself.

Binding the Spirit That's Attacking Your Kingdom Exploits!
7 months ago  -  28 minutes long

The enemy is using people in your inner circle to work against you. Listen to this prayer devotion to learn how to not put up walls against people, but to put up your shield against the enemy. People don't always know they are being used as a tool of the enemy. Beware of the opportunist and the saboteur.

Prophetic Prayer: Prophesying UPGRADE!
7 months ago  -  19 minutes long

Are you ready to go deeper with God? Then listen to this prayer devotional and prophetic prayer session. Jennifer prophesied, "upgrade." If you've been experiencing demonic downgrades, now that God has a plan for your payback!

Prophetic Prayer: Breaking Past the Stronghold of Worry
7 months ago  -  28 minutes long

There is so much in world that we concern ourselves with and prompts us to take our eyes off the Creator. But Jennifer LeClaire God's grace is sufficient for this day and we need to turn the tables on the enemy.

Faith to Enter into the Seer Realm
7 months ago  -  3 minutes long

When the Holy Spirit comes, He brings all of His gifts. But in order to see the fruit of it, Jennifer LeClaire says, you have to water that gift you're seeking after.

Can a Christian Have a Demon?
7 months ago  -  16 minutes long

As believers, we have authority in Christ and do not have to be afraid of demons. But does that mean we have them inside of us? Jennifer LeClaire answers the question.

6 Big Fat Lies the Devil Spreads About Praying in Tongues
7 months ago  -  23 minutes long

The enemy is a liar, and there is a reason why he does not want you to utilize one of God's gifts. Host Jennifer LeClaire says Jude 20 explains it all, and these lies are real, so cast them down.

Calling All Seers! God Wants to Release You at New Levels of Authority!
7 months ago  -  17 minutes long

God doesn't need us, but He has chosen to work through us. Listen for God's voice and allow Him to speak to you and let Him raise you up to where He wants you to be for His kingdom.

Discerning Intercessory Prayer Burdens
7 months ago  -  23 minutes long

God expects us to pray without ceasing. As you grow in the Lord, as Jennifer LeClaire did, you will discover there are prayer burdens you must undertake. Learn how to separate the emotional realm from the spiritual realm.

Discern Your Prophetic Expression
7 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Every prophet has a unique prophetic expression. That's why, host Jennifer LeClaire says, you can't put a prophet in a box.

Is it Abuse or is it Truth?
7 months ago  -  23 minutes long

I Chronicles 16:22 ... you've heard it many times before. But how is this scripture being misused by God's messengers? Jennifer LeClaire explains.

The Seers
7 months ago  -  16 minutes long

God has chosen to work on the earth through people, and God is relying upon seers to usher people into the kingdom. He is calling people to rise up in this moment in this capacity. Are you a seer?

Discerning Intercessory Prayer Burdens and Dividing Between Soul & Spirit
8 months ago  -  23 minutes long

Feeling oppressed? Emotions going haywire? Pain your body? It may not be you. It may be an intercessory prayer burden. You need to learn how to distinguish between your emotions and the Lord's emotions for people and other people's emotions that require intercession. Same is true for cities. Learn in this teaching.

10 Cursed Things You Need to Remove From Your House Right Now
8 months ago  -  16 minutes long

There are things you may have in your home you do not know cause curses. Listen as Jennifer shares more and what needs to be cleaned out of your life good.

Achan's Sin
8 months ago  -  10 minutes long

All of Israel was grieving because of one person's sin who was out of alignment. Hear how running with the wrong people in battle will give you scars. Listen and learn from the story of Achan and to root out what is hodling you back.

Exposing Spiritual Abuse in Church Leadership! Break free!
8 months ago  -  33 minutes long

Where do you see spiritual abuse the most? Is in church leadership. Jennifer shares from personal experience what is spiritual abuse and how you can break free from it.

Prophetic Word for December 2017
8 months ago  -  17 minutes long

Listen how the Lord wants you to walk into new opportunites next year. Open to fresh eyes and to let go of issues in your mind, heart and homes. Chose this day to reconcile and resolve. Let go of the baggage of the past and press on.

Press On
8 months ago  -  11 minutes long

To press into your future is to learn how to press through an attack of the enemy. Listen as Jennifer exposes the attacks of the enemy to help you break word curses spoken over you, at you, even spoken behind your back.

When Python Attacks, Break Free!
8 months ago  -  37 minutes long

Hold on to hope through every bad day and good day. Listen to this prayer starter devtion on how God is stirring hope in your heart. Then hear what Jennifer has to say on breaking free when the python spirit attacks.

When Demon Spirits Tag Team Against You!
8 months ago  -  26 minutes long

Demons have studied human beings for thousands of years. Learn how the enemy tag teams of demonic spirits to attack you. Be prepared for spiritual battle after hearing this message.

Prophetic Prayer: Dealing with Accusations From Your Past
8 months ago  -  17 minutes long

What are you listening to? What do you see? You are God's masterpiece. Hear things through the Scripture and through the Lord. Begin to look at yourself as He sees you when you see your reflection. Don't listen or look how the enemy does, let go, and move forward in the future God has for you.

Refuse to Return to Your Bondage!
8 months ago  -  22 minutes long

What bothers you about yourself does not bother the Lord? Hear how the Holy Spirit points you back to God's grace. Stop guilty casting today and being to refuse to return to your bondage.

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